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Passionate about helping you get the most out of medicare for the least amount of money

And avoid costly mistakes

Educational Seminars to help you Master the Medicare Maze

Just the mention of the word "Medicare" makes most people's eyes glaze over. Except for those who are soon to be eligible for Medicare or those who are already on Medicare and are facing Open Enrollment. They get the look of sheer dread on their face. That's where Jennifer Curran comes to the rescue. She truly loves sharing her Medicare expertise and educating people new to Medicare and helping those who aren't sure they have the best plan for them.

After many years working on Madison Avenue in advertising, Jennifer moved to Naples, FL to help her elderly parents cope with her mother's rapidly progressing Alzheimer's and father's heart disease. As their healthcare advocate, Jennifer was shocked at how confusing and overwhelming the Medicare system is and how the smallest misstep or bad advice could result in serious financial and healthcare coverage loss. Helping people get the MOST out of the Medicare for the LEAST amount of money quickly became Jennifer's personal mission!

Striving to be the best Medicare expert possible, Jennifer earned a Master's degree in Healthcare Policy from Columbia University in 2012. She also worked as a Medicare and Medicaid advocate at a large non-profit hospital and at the non-profit Medicare Rights Center on their National Helpline. Now living in Charleston, SC, she hosts educational seminars that are all about Mastering the Medicare Maze. She is also licensed and certified as an INDEPENDENT insurance Broker to sell all the top-rated Medicare Medigap/Supplemental plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and Part D Drug plans. Her services are free and your premiums will be same whether you use her assistance or not. There is so much confusion about Medicare that insurance companies compensate her to help people navigate the complex system and enrollment process. This is already priced into insurance companies' premiums.
So you have nothing to lose and only knowledge, savings, and peace-of-mind to gain!

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