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master the

Medicare Maze

With Jennifer curran's

Free educational seminar for Groups or Individuals


Jennifer Curran started  hosting Educational Medicare Seminars with the single goal of empowering folks who are grappling with important and complex Medicare decisions. And try to have a little fun in the process!

Originally inspired by helping her parents 10 years ago, she developed a passion for ensuring people get the most out of Medicare that they deserve. She has helped hundreds of people save thousands of dollars by educating them on the basics of Medicare and helping them Master the Medicare Maze. Striving to be as knowledgeable about Medicare as possible, she earned a Master's degree in Healthcare Policy from Columbia University in 2012 that focused on Medicare. 

As an INDEPENDENT Medicare Adviser and Broker, she does not work for any health insurance company. She only works for you by providing education and unbiased advice based on your unique life and situation.

Her Educational Seminars last about 30 minutes with plenty of time for Q&A. There is no obligation or marketing whatsoever. Just an atmosphere of straightforward learning about the Pros/Cons of Original Medicare vs Medicare Advantage, Pros/Cons of different types Supplement plans (aka Medigap), Part D Drug plans, Costs, and critical Enrollment windows that if you miss you could get financially penalized for the rest of your life. Now based in Charleston, SC Jennifer is available to host a seminar for your group any time and day of the week. So contact her now to organize an educational seminar for your group or a one-on-one appointment so you can Master the Medicare Maze!

How Can I Help You

sample slides

Below are just a few sample slides from Jennifer's Educational Seminar presentation.

Information is visualized and simplified as much as possible to make it super easy to understand!


Contact Jennifer to make sure you will never be confused about Medicare again! ------>

Thank you!

(800) 584-1965 (the year Medicare was established!)

(843) 642-9151 (call or text)

Other Services include:

  • Working with you every step of the way to help you choose the best plan for your unique situation and simplify the entire decision/enrollment process.

  • Run a rate check on your current Supplement/Medigap plan with the best quote engine available to see if you could save money.

  • Continually being your advocate by keeping you up to date on Medicare and policy changes that may affect you and your plan.

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